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I made an appointment at A home show for a $33 dollar a room special! I told the Owner Jason the carpet is only 2 months old and my dog got a hold of the baby oil bottle and got spots throughout the house I had 1 room and a hall and a small patch in the living room 7x8 ft I thought no more than 3 rooms .

$99 at the most. I was gone the day they showed up so the crew did the job and proceeded to charge my wife $50 for each room and then $2 a lineal ft for the hall 25 ft x2 $50 more dollars the hall is only 3ft wide!! Then they told her we should get a sealer and disenfectant put on the carpet to the tune of $80 dollars!! So now we r up to $230 !!!

I called and talked to the office person and explained about the mistake in pricing and I was pissed off they sold my wife additional treatments for a 2 month old carpet!! And they did not honor the special price!! She was so rude and told me well if your wife signed the paperwork then that was it!!! I told her this was wrong and I was not ok with this solution , she once again said basically TO BAD!!

I told her I wanted to talk to the owner she said she would see what she could do!! 3 hours went by and nothing!! I then found out my wife Wrote a check !! Yea!!

I stopped payment !! Then later that evening the owner called me back we had a conversation about everything and he would call me in Monday for a price that he came up with !! I told him about the canceled check so he would not put it in the bank !! And get charged a fee !

And that I would split the fee I paid with him !! So here we r today within a couple of days every stain on my carpets came back !! And where my dog got sick I could not get the stain out !! Where they supposedly put a sealer on !!

I'm calling BS on this company !! I'm not going to pay them a dime !! But he keeps calling me for $190 this is what he says I owe !! They will not be coming back to my house !!

And he will not be getting any$$ from me !

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Lake Villa, Illinois, United States #1264570

you can decide to not pay until you have a lien on your house. Law states they are to be given the oppertunity to fix the issue.

And the carpet so new, no warranty? I more concerned about the dog.

Houston, Texas, United States #1193732

Well, did you scold your wife? Obviously, she made a decision for your household.

If she can't be trusted to make a decision, don't leave her alone. Those pics you posted don't just look like baby oil, but also your dog is *** in your carpet.


Grays on committing a crime called theft of sercices

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