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An 80 year old LA Chem Dry Truck driver stopped in the middle of the road during week day rush hour to read his map! " I was lost and it was early so it was not a problem",he said,unapologetically after my car was totaled and he merely had a dent in his fender.

He then drove away only to almost cause another accident when he illegally cut across a dirt median ,narrowly missing another car into a street going the other way (lost again apparently)! He was unconcerned that I was crying,shaking and almost lost my brand new job because of his need to stop to read his map without pulling over.

I am liable for the accident because I hit him going 20 mph in my little car but this guy will kill someone soon! Do you want to hire someone this dangerous to clean your carpet ?

Product or Service Mentioned: Chemdry Vehicle Driver.

Reason of review: Dangerous driver!!.

Preferred solution: Evaluate you driver who may kill someone soon and make Chemdry look very very bad.

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